South Africa, For the Win January 20, 2019 / Personal Traveling.  It’s what I love.  Before Instagram, before Influencers, before surfing the web, I LOVED to travel.  From road-trips to North Carolina to see my family, drives from DC to Harlem to see my uncle.  It never mattered.  Once I got to college, my lust for travel increased greatly because my friends were scattered throughout […] OPEN POST 2018 In Review January 4, 2019 / Engagements Another year in the books.  Another year with new experiences, new family and new friends I will cherish forever.  So many days I look down at my camera in-between photos and I realize how grateful I am to create photos.  What a blessing!  Here are some of my favorite moments of 2018. For any issues […] OPEN POST I Kept My New Year’s Resolution…AGAIN December 28, 2018 / Personal For the second year in a row, I was able to keep my New Year’s Resolution.  Last year I read 37 books. This year I read 43. 80 books in two years. Wowzers! Maybe I need to make blogging more regularly my resolution for 2019.  Seriously! Back in late 2016, I came up with a […] OPEN POST Piedmont Park with Chidiebere + Chidimma March 4, 2018 / Family I hung out in Piedmont Park with Chidiebere + Chidimma.  Cool, right?  Actually, let me start from the beginning!  I’ll never forget a text message I received from my best friend’s wife saying that she’d passed my information along to one of her sorority sisters at a chapter meeting.  I replied, “Cool!  Thank you!”.  A […] OPEN POST
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