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2021 Book List

It’s that time of year again! No photo posts, but a load of books! I know. Every year I say I’m going to start blogging. In 2022 I will. I’m checking boxes though, people! I vowed to read more. CHECK! I vowed to lose weight and lost 40 pounds. CHECK! Next is blogging. I’m on […]


It’s Back to School Time!

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My 2019 Reads

Happy End-of-the-Decade! As we’re heading down the home straight to 2020, I wanted to leave you all with my 2019 Book List. This year I completed 45 books, and made sure to add quite a few fiction books to the mix. I’ve mentioned to some that we are in the midst of a fantastic new […]

Soweto Boys

South Africa, For the Win

Traveling.  It’s what I love.  Before Instagram, before Influencers, before surfing the web, I LOVED to travel.  From road-trips to North Carolina to see my family, drives from DC to Harlem to see my uncle.  It never mattered.  Once I got to college, my lust for travel increased greatly because my friends were scattered throughout […]

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