About Edward


Edward Underwood is a wedding and design photographer who currently resides in Washington, DC.  He grew up in the District where he discovered his interest in photography while perusing law school.  After studying in North Carolina, he later moved back to DC working as a financial analyst before making a career as a photographer.

Over the past 10 years, I have been witness to so many amazing happenings.  My goal as a photographer is to document and capture every moment of your day with creativity and true craftsmanship.  I am a passionate photographer and believe that every creative individual has a particular style that they must be true to.  My work is considered documentary in style because photography for me tells a story.  All stories are meant to be told and I look forward to helping tell yours.


Up until my twenties, I had no idea that I wanted to be a photographer. I was always interested in art, but while I was preparing for law school, taking photos came into my life.  Soon enough, what began as a clever distraction for LSAT prep became a full-on obsession.

Running Edward Underwood Photography is my dream job; meeting new people and seeing the world are wonderful perks.  I’m a photographer because there’s no greater satisfaction than create beautiful stories of people’s journey through love.  While the work you see is mostly wedding photography, I continue to work with clients well beyond the wedding day to document their lives.

My wife and I own Edward Underwood Photography and work together on almost every job. Together with our sons Preston and Chase, we travel far and wide photographing people and in the process their relationship with each other becomes stronger.