South Africa, For the Win

Traveling.  It’s what I love.  Before Instagram, before Influencers, before surfing the web, I LOVED to travel.  From road-trips to North Carolina to see my family, drives from DC to Harlem to see my uncle.  It never mattered.  Once I got to college, my lust for travel increased greatly because my friends were scattered throughout the country.  When Shawna and I started dating and eventually married, we made a pact to be travel partners.  This many years in, she’s still my fave travel buddy.

Last year I was able to venture to some truly amazing locations.  Back in December I ventured to South Africa, for the Win.  I flew from DC (Dulles) to Amsterdam (Schiphol) as the first leg and showered/ate/relaxed in one of the KLM Crown Lounges.  BEST SHOWER EVER!  The second leg of the trip, Amsterdam to Johannesburg was great as well.  Thank you to KLM for an amazing business-class experience!

There is no secret that Johannesburg has a reputation of being a crime riddled city.  Thankfully, I didn’t experience it, but I had a few South African rands taken from my room.  Definitely take care and caution while venturing through the city and the townships.  My largest regret while here was that I didn’t take my camera out much.  The nation of South Africa is filled with beautiful people and so many beautiful experiences to be had.  I’ll be publishing my own list of travel safety tips in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, check out a few photos from my journey.

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